4 Quick Tricks To Make Eating Healthy Easier

I constantly hear from clients and friends that eating healthy is just too hard. Excuses like time, money, and know-how plague endless conversations. While these excuses are legitimate, I don’t think they’re worthy of all the weight that people put on them.

Here are 4 easy ways to make eating healthy much easier.

1. The biggest tip that I try to stress when doing anything is convince and ease. When something is easy to do, we’re all way more likely to do it. 

Thus, I highly suggest not necessarily doing meal preps, but at least doing ingredient preps. I’ve found that when I have a bunch of ingredients, and I cut, dice, and prepare them to be easier to cook with, I often end up eating way healthier.

This takes less time then meal preps, and is a great way to grab and cook, rather than just grab and go.

Things like red peppers and cucumbers can be a grab and go snack on their own, or made a little more flavorful with something like humus or balsamic vinegar. Keep spinach or kale on hand in your fridge, and a salad will literally take no time at all if you have already prepared all the other ingredients.

2. Another easy trick to eating healthy is to recycle takeout containers. 

This not only helps with reducing waste, but also helps measure things out easily. Half a quart, which is a small for something like soup from a Chinese restaurant, is the equivalent to 2 cups. A quart, which is a large at most take out places, is the equivalent to 4 cups. Thus if you use half of either of these things, you end up with 1 or 2 cups of ingredients. Easy to measure, easy to cook, easy to eat. 

3. Freezing things like fresh bananas and berries is another way to keep your ingredients healthier and ready to grab. 

Additionally, you’ll be able to buy more of these ingredient, which makes them more readily available to you when it comes time to make yourself something to eat. You’ll also be able to cut out the need for things like ice, when making a protein shake. Sure, it’s not the biggest time or ingredient saver, but how many times is your ice tray empty or nonexistent?

4. Lastly, high protein foods that don’t spoil super quickly are a great way to keep your body healthy, and reduce waste of money and food.

Hard boiled organic eggs are something that can sit for a slightly longer time in your fridge then meat, fish, and veggies. They deliver a huge source of protein, are incredibly easy to make while prepping your other ingredients, and are a guilt-free snack or meal. I also totally recommend tofu sausages. They’re super easy to cook with, taste surprisingly delicious, and can be added to things like pasta, eggs, or rice for a more protein packed healthy meal.

Remember small tiny changes will ultimately lead to big wins, and that’s what this is all about. Healthy living isn’t about dieting and completely cutting things out, it’s about moderation and making it an actual lifestyle, not a quick fix.

You’ve got the tools, now use them. Happy eating everybody!

Posted on December 21, 2016 .