Day 7: Forgiveness

Why hello again!

Today’s challenge is about letting go, moving on, and forgiving. Ultimately what today’s challenge is all about is healing.

When we let go of pain and hurt, we allow for something greater and far more positive to take up valuable space in our minds and hearts.

Forgiving someone who has hurt us can be really difficult. There’s a big chance that it will bring up some hard feelings that we probably haven’t fully dealt with, and it might require us to dig into some heavy emotions. 

However, until we accept what has happened, processed the situation, and made peace with the person, we won’t ever be able to fully move on. Moving on, and taking back the power we’ve given to someone else, allows us to be 100% responsible for our own lives.

We not only want, but need to be, in the driver’s seat that is our own lives.


I want you to forgive someone in your life, who you feel has done you wrong. This is an extremely difficult challenge, but it will set you free from the burden of letting that person live rent free in your mind. 

How crazy does that sound? 

You’ve given someone else, who probably doesn’t even know they hold that place in your mind, prime real-estate, which could be given to a million better things.

Saying, “I forgive you,” to someone, who has hurt you may sound crazy, but what you’re actually doing is allowing yourself to heal, move on, and grow.


I would suggest writing a letter to whomever you chose to forgive, and then just leave it be. You don’t need to send it, and it may be in your best interest to just hold onto it for sometime. 

You don’t know how the person you are forgiving will react, and to be honest, this isn’t about them. 

This is about you. 

Sending this forgiveness letter would come with a set of expectations. Expectations are dangerous as they come with the possibility of disappointment, which is a feeling you may already associate with this person.

There are some things that feel unforgivable, and I totally understand that, but I promise you’ll feel a weight lifted when YOU heal the scars that someone else left. 

Yes, in a perfect world this person would’ve already apologized, and maybe they have, but you haven’t fully forgiven them for whatever reason.

However, the world isn’t perfect, and as we are coming to terms with, neither are we.

Allow yourself the gift of forgiveness and the chance to heal, and I know you’ll feel lighter and lighter.

Take back your power, you amazing creature you!

Congrats on making it to the end of our first week. 7 days down and 23 to go!

Posted on January 6, 2017 .