Day 6: Apologizing: Part 2

I had a feeling I might see you here!

Yesterday was kind of rough, but I know it must’ve felt good to finally give yourself a break!

It’s time we take this whole apologizing thing one step farther, and say we’re sorry to someone we’ve hurt in some way. 

No one is an angel, and we’ve made mistakes too. 

When we apologize to someone it doesn’t mean that we are necessarily admitting to fault. What it does mean, is that we care enough about another person to try and mend a relationship we care about, and ultimately show another person compassion, love, and kindness. Again, common themes in this 30 day challenge.

As many of us know, apologizing isn’t something we’re taught to do with ease and comfort. Saying, “I’m sorry,” and not trying to make excuses as to why we behaved in a certain way is extremely difficult. However, the better we get at apologizing, the more likely we are at maintaining our basic humanity.

When we say we’re sorry, what we are actually saying is,”I’m not perfect. I acknowledge I made you feel something other than loved, which is all I ever want to make anyone feel.” 

Again we are either spreading love, or something other than love.

Ridding ourselves of the idea of perfection is a common theme in this 30 day challenge, and the less we try to be perfect, the happier and more peaceful we will be. 


I want you to apologize to someone in your life, who you feel you’ve done wrong. 

This is an extremely difficult challenge, but if you completed the challenge yesterday, you know how good it feels to say, “I’m sorry.”

Saying you’re sorry to someone, who you’ve hurt is a mature, kind, and humane way of building the world up one wrong-doing at a time. 


  • Write a letter
  • Send an email
  • Have a phone conversation
  • Leave a voicemail
  • Do it face-to-face

Just do it!

You may get an apology back, or you may get no response. No matter what happens, remember this is about you changing for the better, and learning to be the best version of yourself. That’s it. 

Again, we’re not perfect, and we’re learning to be ok with that.

Keep pushing for greatness. You’re doing amazing things so far this year!

Posted on January 6, 2017 .