Day 8: Get Naked

Let’s do this.

In order to fully love ourselves, we must love the skin we are in, no matter what.

Too often we pick ourselves apart because we don’t look like supermodels, movie stars, and other highly edited public figures. This isn’t helping us, and the truth is, everyone has their hang ups. 

We could make a list of all the things we don’t like about ourselves, but thats not productive, and to be quite frank, why shouldn’t we love all parts of ourselves?

Unfortunately insecurities about our looks usually stem back to our childhoods when someone made a passing remark, a mean comment, or bullied us.

Yes, we should want to be healthy, and the best versions of ourselves, but that isn’t going to happen the more we pick ourselves apart.

Today we finally learn to love every inch of ourselves. 


Your challenge for today is to find a full length mirror in the comfort of your own home, and stand in front of the mirror naked for 5-10 minutes. Then start listing all the things you like about your body.

This isn’t vain, this is part of being self-confident, self-loving, and creating change. 

5 minutes may not sound like a long time, but it'll be enough time to really look at yourself. It will be uncomfortable, it will feel forced, but this is something we need to learn to do.

If we can’t be naked with ourselves why should anyone else want to be naked with us?

We need to learn to love all parts of ourselves as they are right now because this is the body we have right now. 


Stand dead on facing front in the mirror, and slowly turn all while keeping your eyes on yourself in the mirror, and start saying something like: 

“I like my eyes. They’re blue and bright, and show my soul. They allow me to see the world, which is incredible. I like my ears because they fit my face, and help me hear incredible things like music, which I can’t imagine living without. I love my teeth because I have all of them, and they allow me to eat whatever I want without assistance. I love my legs because they let me move, and I don’t need help getting around.”

I think you see where I’m going with this. 

It’s not just about what you see, it’s about what all these body parts do for you.

Yes, it's great if you like what you see, and if you have physical attributes you like because of how they look. Just don’t let these things be what drives you because every single one of us will age. It just is what it is. There's no escaping it.

I know my insecurity about my nose stems from my dad saying it was big when I was a child. For years I wished to be taller because of the scrutiny I received from the modeling industry, and at one point or another, I’ve hated pretty much everything about the way I look because of the constant bullying I received growing up.

However, how unattractive does that all sound? It doesn't sound confident, sexy, or grateful for all the amazing things that my body does have going for it. Furthermore, these things, which don't actually need to be fixed, aren’t going to change unless I decide to spend a stupid amount of money manipulating them.

These negative thoughts about my body weren’t helping me, and yours aren’t helping you. 

If you woke up this morning, can walk, can feed yourself, and aren’t physically dependent upon anyone else then you’re already so much luckier than millions of people out in the world.

Yes, you should want to be a healthy weight, and a have a body that operates at maximum efficiency, but this goes deeper than that.

Society has encouraged us to be vain, so that we constantly are left wanting something, or thinking that if we do spend all this money fixing our exteriors that we'll finally be happy. It truly comes down to making money. The unhappier we are, the more we try to mask that unhappiness with clothes, makeup, plastic surgery, and the list goes on. I'm going to let you in on a big secret, some of the most beautiful people I know, aren't happy at all because happiness, confidence, and peace come from within.

So stop beating yourself up, and be grateful for your incredible body. It’s doing amazing things!

The more we fight this body, the more our bodies will fight us, so give in to this body. Your body is a temple. Love it. Honor it. Be kind it to. Enjoy it because one day you’ll look back, and think, "Damn, my body wasn't as half as bad as I thought it was. It actually was pretty amazing." So thank it for all it has done up until this point.

Our bodies have gotten us this far, so let’s continue to love them, and take care of them to the best of our abilities. 

P.S. You’re way sexier than you realize.

Posted on January 7, 2017 .