Ralph Lauren's Latest Trend: Customization

I've always loved Ralph Lauren. I grew up wearing the brand, and even had their bedding covered in the iconic RL bear as a kid. 

The brands classic American style always hits the mark, and I feel like everyone I know has some sort of connection to Ralph Lauren.

The brand has recently stepped up their style game, and now lets customers personalize sweaters 100%. You get to pick the color, logo, details, and even add something to the back. You can make yours by clicking here.

Check out my customized Ralph Lauren sweater below! I freakin love it!

Click here to make your own sweater today!

Posted on January 10, 2018 .

Winter Is Coming: Are You Ready?

Sponsored by Zappos


As the leaves fall and the seasons begin to change, I'm making sure I'm fully prepared for my least favorite season, winter, and Zappos + Ugg have got me covered. 

There's something romantic about snow, being cozied up inside, and layers, but more often than not the romance is short lived, and I find myself not excited to leave my apartment.

However, I've found a few ways to make the winter more fun.

One of those ways is to gear up in fashion forward winter ready pieces like these classic black Ugg Magnusson Boots, which thanks to one of my favorites, Zappos, were at my apartment in 24 hours. 

Ugg has really stepped up their shoe game as these Magnussons aren't just stylish, they're waterproof and perfect for any guy who isn't afraid to get his feet a little dirty, aka yours truly! Add to the fact that the Magnusson isn't your normal ugly bulky winter shoe, but rather a sleek and stylish boot that can stand up to the elements, and I knew I found myself a new favorite with this innovative Ugg! As most of you know, I find myself in all types of situations, so to find a shoe that is able to go from the outdoors to a holiday event really makes my life a lot easier.

And ease is key when it comes to living a life like mine, which is why I am such a fan of ZapposZappos is seriously the best when it comes to finding a huge range of shoes, stellar customer service, and the fact Zappos offer things like a 365 day return policy are perfect for my world-traveler lifestyle. 

Whether you're in the market for new shoes, just looking to browse Ugg's new awesome style, or like me know need another reason to look forward to winter, zappos.com has got your back.

Winter is coming, are you ready?

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Booting It Up For Fall With Zappos X Steve Madden

Sponsored by Zappos!


Fall is definitely here!

After being in South East Asia for 3 months and gone from from my beloved NYC, I found myself in the middle of fall with nothing but summer clothes. My experience was beyond amazing, but there’s nothing like returning home, especially to New York when the leaves are changing, sweaters are necessary, and a stylish pair of boots becomes a wardrobe staple.

I knew I wanted new boots, but I wasn’t exactly sure what brand or style I wanted, so I turned to Zappos to help me narrow my search. With just a few clicks I found myself searching through Steve Madden’s wide range of boots and styles. After finding Steve Madden’s Paterson Boots, I knew I had found a winner. They’re cool, edgy, and clean. Beyond all of that, the Paterson Boots are the perfect addition to step up anyone’s style game.

With just a few more clicks I had managed to use Zappos world class customer service to figure out exactly what size I needed as I had never ordered a pair of Steve Madden shoes before, and we all know sizes vary depending on the brand. My Zappos customer service rep was amazing, and made sure that everything was all set before reminding me that there’s a free return policy, which I luckily didn’t need.

I used Zappos next day shipping service to get my Steve Madden shoes quick. The next day I was wandering around NYC perfectly suited for fall. Whether you’re looking for a wardrobe must have, or just looking to add another pair of fresh kicks to your closet Zappos is the perfect place to check off all your shoe dreams.

Head over to zappos.com now to browse through their endless styles and options!

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Swoveralls: Sweats + Overalls

A new kind of style brought to you by The Great Fantastic. These premium, comfy, and stylish bad boys are the glorious proliferation of sweats and overalls.

These limited edition must haves are available on amazon.com or by clicking the button below. Don't forget to use promo code: BARRETT1 for 10% off! 



The Great Fantastic 

 Images by Dusty St. Amand

 Images by Dusty St. Amand

I'm wearing a large. The adjustable straps do all the work!

Screen Shot 2017-10-16 at 1.23.00 AM.png

You're welcome.

P.S. A percentage of net profits are donated to Urban Pathways and The Israel Lacrosse Association.

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Denim For Days

I love a good Canadian tuxedo.


Shop The Look


Here are some of my favorite fall pieces!


Posted on October 13, 2017 .

The Perfect Button Down

For a long time I’ve been looking for the perfect button down, specifically the perfect white button down. It’s a staple that all men should have in their closet, as it’s beyond versatile and classic.

Well, I can tell you I’ve found it.

Thus, I present to you, the EXPRESS FITTED 1MX TECH SHIRT.

The FITTED 1MX TECH literally hits all the marks, and is the perfect button down in my opinion.

As someone who’s always on the go, and beyond active, I need a shirt that can match my lifestyle, and theFITTED 1MX TECH does just that. It’s quick drying fabric helps keep me cool, and not look like a sweaty mess as I run around from appointment to appointment, or client to client.

Game changer? You bet!

The FITTED 1MX TECH has the perfect amount of stretch built into it, so I’m not left feeling restricted. I hate when I put on a button down and feel like I can’t move.

The 1MX TECH easily allows me to move my arms to hail a cab, or put on my jacket without untucking or completely wrinkling my shirt. This is a huge deal to any guy who has worn a button down, and felt trapped in his own clothes.

Posted on October 14, 2016 .

100 Pieces of Perry

I’ve been a huge fan of Perry Ellis recently as they launched their latest and sportiest line 360, which is all about allowing you to maintain an active lifestyle without losing the style.

With that said...

I’m super pumped to be a part of their #100PiecesOfPerry social runway show. This is a completely new and reimagined runway show that is bringing guys from all over the world together to display Perry Ellis’ new fall collection.

I’m honored to be sporting their Active Horizontal Stripe Shirt and Solid Active Side Panel Pant, which are two must haves in my opinion. 

Check out all the looks at perryellis.com or by searching through the hashtag #100PiecesOfPerry.

 Additionally, when you use the #100PiecesOfPerry, you will have the chance to win a $2,500 Perry Ellis gift card, and a styling session with GQ’s Executive Stylist, Brett Fahlgren.

Show us how you wear your Perry!

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New York Fashion Week Mens: Day 4

The final day of NYFWM has come to a close, and it's been real.

Chessin hard.

Chessin hard.

Wrapped up the final day with by being picky with my time, hitting up some cool events, and doing what I love, which is hanging out with the people that matter to me.

Oh and I like changed 4 times. I never do this, but the heat was real today, and I felt like changing up the vibe. 

See you next year NYFWM, and until then I'll cherish the memories. ;)

My florals continue. 

Todd Snyder SS '17

Flash. Bam. Pop. 


Double breasted whites.

I'll take one of each: backpack, sweater, the man.



Kellan and James seemed to have enjoyed it.

The blues brothers.

The blues brothers.

The red.

Title of Work by Jonathan Meizler

Bedazzle me.

The look.

I'm your biggest fan.

A quick meeting with the team.


He's the star of this show.

Soho sunsets

Had some fun with Pepsi at the installation in Soho as they look at love through history!

Thats a wrap!

New York Fashion Week Mens: Day 3

Uno, dos, tres!

Matiere got me even more merman.

Day 3 of Men's Fashion Week here in NYC started off with a bang, literally.

Nick Graham brought Havana nights to the runway, and got everyone's spirits roaring as we found ourselves at 550 Washington once again.

Today's standouts were for sure Matiere, Natuica, and Assembly NY. Anything nautical and I'm totally on board, and that was for sure the theme of a few collections. 

While there is still so much more to see, I'm calling it quits for the day as tomorrow is going to be very full. Plus the gym is calling, and I'm dog sitting this week, sooooooooo gotta do my thing.

Aye chica!

The nicest guy, Chad White


Cuba we're coming 

So good!

Nick Graham and florals.

Accessories to complete the look

Kenneth Ning doing it up.

The other side of the coin.

Walking on water

John Elliot

No broken hearts

Assembly line


Now lets get into formation 

bright lights, big city

bright lights, big city

Rochambeau made things interesting 

Matiere brought new nautical 

Blues on whites on reds, America?

Nautica making a splash.

#babetown all around 

Loving the look


The Chad

Heading home

Yes, you are!

New York Fashion Week Mens: Day 2

Here we go again...

50 Shades of Blue: Lacoste, Zara Men, Teva

Day 2 started off very very busy, but as I like to say busy is a freaking lucky thing to be, so I jumped right back into the festivities.

Saw some more friends, saw some more cool clothes, and saw some of NYC along the way.

Decided to skip out on a few presentations and shows to get to the gym, see some of my frat brothers, and just do me for a little.

Photo journal day 2, here ya go!


Black Lives Matter Protesters getting their message out there. 

Shinola Detroit had some bomb accessories. 

New Era doing it up.

Stampd was on point.

Black on black on sleeves.

New Republic brought the shoe game for the day.

Garciavelez gave me a lost world.

The West Village is just so freaking quaint.

Boy Bloggers

Lovedddddd Beyond The Closet

On to the next 

The standard Standard Hotel shot

Thanks bar III and The Dream Hotel for the hang session. Always good to see this gang.

Yes, that is a hot tub, and no, I didn't get in it...today.

My new favorite way to get a selfie and hide.

So grateful when work takes place just seconds from my own hood.

Thank you Uber for getting me around this week so easily!

Simon Miller was delicious from food to clothes, obsessed!

Some secret rooftop wall art.

Skipped out on some fashion stuff to see some of my favorite guys. #fratboys

This is work.

Work work work party with the dream team!

New York Fashion Week Mens: Day 1

Sooooo I'm most definitely back in NYC as the craziness of NYFWM '16 kicked off with a beyond busy day.

Hey, thats me! Shades Tom Ford and shirt Zara.

I have to admit, coming off the trail has been a bit of a culture shock, and being thrown back into all things men's fashion hasn't exactly helped, but I'm finding the joy in it, taking everything as it comes, and reminding myself how grateful I am to be a part of something I used to look up to for so long.

Color is in, prints are everywhere, and I'm loving the amount of florals I've been seeing. 

Brands are getting more creative with their presentations, which I appreciate as fashion should be about expression, and the models aren't clones of one another. More than anything I've enjoyed seeing some people, who I don't often get to see, and just having that human interaction. 

What can I say the trail has stayed with me in many ways.

All and all it has been a fun day, and I'm looking forwards to day 2!

Here is my photo journal breakdown of day 1. Make sure you scroll down, there will be boys in their underwear ;)

Good morning you sexy beast you!

UGG is doing some great simple things, and I'm obsessed with their team.

Life After Denim has solids on point.

America we can do better, and I know we will.

The Motley makes men's grooming so much easier.

Richer Poorer spoke my language.

I actually took the subway the entire day. The city heat is nothing after hiking through the desert.

Classics with Baldessarini


Suit Supply. We'll take one of each.

Oh Soho

Trust falls and blues at Uri Minkoff

That view though.

Bench / Body X Cadet brought to you by hot guys in underwear. 

Johnston & Murphy, a personal favorite.

My dream team

Love me a badass chick, and Chapter delivered. 

Private Policy brought weirdness and fun.

Custom Suiting By Suitable

A suit is a true gentleman’s best friend.

At some point in your life you’re going to need to get dressed up. It's just one of those things in life that will happen. And if you're close to my age then you know these occasions are starting to happen more and more. Work, weddings, birthdays, and the list seems to go on and on.

The need for some proper "grown-up" clothes beckons upon you, and it’s no longer acceptable to wear jeans to everything.

If you’re a guy then this means you not only should, but must have a proper suit in your wardrobe. 

A classic and well-fitted suit is a staple every man should have waiting for him in his wardrobe. It not only makes you look the part at these inevitable and important life occasions, but also makes you feel more confident, put together, and walk with an extra little pep in your step.

Thus, I give you SUITABLE.

A modern made to fit, custom tailoring suiting company that delivers the gentleman’s modern essentials. Every piece is made with the most advanced technology and the highest consideration, so that everything doesn’t just look as if it was made for you, but actually is. There truly isn’t anything like being in a custom suit on the way to an event. You just feel like a movie star, and the best part is SUITABLE does it without breaking the bank.

Sure, you could go buy something off the rack, but even those pieces require tailoring, and if we’re speaking candidly, as I tend to do, then it just isn’t going to portray the same element of style, poise and sharpness.

The time will come when you need to throw on a suit, so make it even more effortless, and invest in yourself. A good suit will last you a long time, and keep you looking forever on point.

Head over to SUITABLEto check out all the looks, and build your custom suit today.

Happy suiting ya'll!

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FCUK Holiday Style + Giveaway

As the holiday season swings into full effect, I'm stoked to not only show you how to dress the part, but host an awesome event at French Connection's Soho Store, where one lucky reader will receive $500 to shop at the event! 

All you have to do to enter to win is rsvp to rsvp@nylon.com, include my name in the subject line, and attend the event to claim your prize! 

I feel like Jewish Santa right now!

I've laid out 5 awesome looks that are head to toe French Connection. I hope you feel inspired, excited, and ready to go for this holiday season.

Look 1: Relaxed Cool 

Ryder Cable Knit Sweater | Black Slim Jeans |

Photo Cred: Anthony Deeying

Look 2: Sporty Chic

Magoo Cotton Polo | Formal Slim Jersey Trousers |

Photo Cred: Anthony Deeying

Look 3: Classic Casual

Melton Crombie Coat | 70's Poplin Connery | Black Slim Jeans |

Photo Cred: Anthony Deeying

Look 5: Urban Comfortable

Reed Melton Bomber Jacket | Washed Herringbone Tweed Trousers |

Photo Cred: Anthony Deeying

I'll see you this Thursday, December 10th at Soho French Connection from 6PM - 8:30PM, during which the entire store will be 40% off! Hot dang!

Location: 435 W Broadway, New York, NY 10012

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Khaki Challenge Recap

Wearing khaki isn't necessarily hard, but making it look and feel different can pose a challenge.

Thus, I give you the 4 day khaki challenge.

DAY 1 - The Look: Button Down Shirt - Ralph Lauren | Sweater - Ben Sherman | Pants - Zara | Shoes - PUMA | Bracelet - Heart Happy

DAY 2 - The Look: Shirt - Urban Outfitters | Jacket - Uniqlo | Pants - Zara | Shoes - PUMA | Bracelet - Heart Happy

DAY 3 - The Look: Button Down Shirt - JACHS NY | Sweater - Ben Sherman | Pants - Zara | Shoes - PUMA | Bracelet - Heart Happy

DAY 4 - The Look: Sweater - Ben Sherman | Pants - Zara | Shoes - PUMA | Bracelet - Heart Happy

Shot by Anthony Deeying

Posted on March 14, 2016 .


Because it's cool, she's cool, you're cool.

Shot by Anthony Deeying

The Look: Jacket & Jeans - AG| Shoes - PUMA | Bracelet - Heart Happy

I'm a huge fan of denim (in case you couldn't already tell). It's easy, versatile and can be dressed up or dressed down. Add a splash of color with some awesome kicks, and you've just taken your Canadian Tuxedo to a whole other level.

Posted on October 26, 2015 .

Pre-Fall Fashion


Shot by Anthony Deeying

The Look: Sweater - Uniqlo | Denim - Levis | Boots - Polo | Bracelet - Heart Happy

As the seasons try to figure themselves out here in NYC, dressing becomes a little tricker.

A light sweater in a light color helps you stay warm, but not too warm. The same goes for these super cool distressed jeans. The holes help ventilate, add a bit of style, and keep you comfortable no matter the weather. Add an awesome desert boot, and you are ready to go no matter the temperature.

Posted on October 19, 2015 .

I Am Amsterdam


Shot by two of my best friends and an amazing photographers: Bianca Gochuico & Karen Chang

The Look: Jacket - Isaora | T-Shirt- Vince | Pants - AEO | Shoes - Nike | Shades - Ray Ban

It was another fun full day in Amsterdam.

The weather was even more temperamental today, so long layers were necessary. Black on black is pretty much cool everywhere, and especially here in Europe. Plus it makes getting dressed a little easier early in the am.

Day two complete, and now it's off to Nice!

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Summer Style in Amsterdam

Shot by two of my best friends and an amazing photographers: Bianca Gochuico & Karen Chang

The Look: Sweater - JACHS NY | T-Shirt- Obey | Shorts - GAP | Shoes - Lacoste | Shades - Ray Ban

After waking up yesterday in Mykonos, then spending the day in Roma, I finally made it to two of my best friends (Bianca Karen) in Amsterdam. I must admit thats a pretty awesome day!

As I got ready for my first full day in Amsterdam, a city the three of us tried to get to 7 years earlier, but had every obstacle in our way, it felt super exciting to make it out into this very quaint city. 

This city itself is definitely beautiful, green and clean, but the weather is unpredictable. Thus, I grabbed one of my favorite summer staples and layered it up. 

Amsterdam totally delivered a fully loaded day, and I cannot wait for tomorrow!

Making Moves with Moti

Fashion is more fun with friends!


Shot by the amazing Richard Fuertes

The Look: Button-Up & Jeans- Armani Exchange | Belt- Coach | Shoes - Mercanti Fiorentini

Meet Moti Ankari aka THE METRO MAN. He's one of my newer, more fashionable, and super sweet friends! I've always been a people person, so the fact that my job lets me meet new people all the time is a huge perk. An even bigger perk is when a real friendship emerges.

Moti and I tried on some of the latest gear from Armani Exchange’s summer collection. I have to say, I normally don't get dressed up so much for a casual look, but I felt like a baller in this navy and white ensemble. 

As you can tell we had quite the fun time, and looked as fresh as the pineapples on our shirts!

Posted on August 6, 2015 .