Always Use Protection

For your phone!

Our entire lives are held together by our phones, so wouldn’t it make sense that we used the very best to protect that special little gadget?

Our phones literally keep track of our schedule, help us share our memories, talk to loved ones far away, not get lost, and facilitate just about every other action we need assistance with.

Thus, I present to you, FLIP IT: The 4-in-1 Premium iPhone Case.

FLIP IT not only protects your phone as a case, but has an extendable selfie stick attachment along with a bunch of other amazing features. 

Not a selfie stick kind of person?

I wasn’t either till I had this case, but let me tell you, it makes taking photos so much easier.

Andddddd if you really don’t want to give into the selfie stick that’s totally cool because the attachment turns into a remote thanks to Bluetooth technology.

Simply use the kickstand, prop your phone up, and bam you take photos and videos all on your own without having to ask for help from anyone within 25 feet.

The kickstand is a complete game changer when it comes to Facetiming or watching any kind of content on your phone as well. You no longer need to find something to prop your phone up, (don’t lie you’ve totally had to become MacGyver in certain scenarios), the FLIP IT case simply does it all on its own.

The case even has a car mount feature that makes driving and keeping hands free beyond easy. Ya know because that’s the law!

The Today Show even feature it as one of their favorite new gadgets for spring!

I have a busy life, and my phone truly keeps me on track, so doesn’t it make sense to have everything else you might need at your fingertips?

I don’t know about you, but FLIP IT has for sure won me over, and made my life a whole lot easier.

Now the only question is, are you going to make sure to use the very best in protection, or are you going to risk it all?

Don’t be a dummy, use the very best protection, and make sure to check out FLIP IT!

Posted on October 7, 2016 .