Fire Island Pines: The Magic of Summer

The boys, the beach, and the blue skies.

If you've never heard of Fire Island then you must get on it.

It's a magical island that requires a train, bus and ferry ride to get to from NYC, but it's beyond worth the trek. Yes, you just want to get there, but there's something exciting about being en route with all your fellow NYers looking to escape the summer heat, and find a slice of paradise just 2 hours away. 

The island itself has a few different spots for all walks of life to find what they're looking for, but if you're looking for a more LGBT type of getaway then Cherry Grove or The Pines are where you'll want to be.

To be honest I wasn't the biggest fan of Fire Island Pines as I had only been for the fourth of July the past three years, which is quite a lively and fun experience, but not the most relaxing time to be out on the island. However, after finding myself in The Pines this summer for two off holiday weekends, I truly understand why many men and women speak so fondly of this beach community. 

There are no roads, no cars, and everyone is in a bathing suit basically 24/7. It's a place where you can truly let your hair down, and just be authentically yourself without any judgements. It's a place where strangers become friends, love creeps up on you, and the stars put on a show all night.

Simply put, it's a slice of sandy heaven here on earth.

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Posted on September 13, 2016 .