The Berkshires: Camp Sason

Ever since I've returned from my hike along the PCT, I've felt an extreme yearning to be in nature. I know, shocking. Who would've thought hiking 800 miles would make me want more time in nature?

The thing is, the hike truly puts a lot into perspective, and really makes you consider what is important, and getting out of the fast-paced environment that NYC breeds is feeling more and more paramount when it comes to my priorities. Thus, I've come to the conclusion that this summer I'm going to venture out of the city as much as possible, so that I can fulfill my spirits juxtaposing needs.

This weekend I found myself in the Berkshires, a beautiful rural region in the sprawling mountains of western Massachusetts. It was the perfect 2 day escape to check in with nature, refresh my soul's yearning for being in the elements, and enjoy a lovely group of people. There's something so innocent about being in the woods that I can't help, but feel like I'm in camp, which is exactly what I needed this weekend to be.

Special thanks to Dayna Sason for hosting!

I hope you enjoy!  

Camper Camille

Camper Paul


A grown-up and summery cocktail.

The feast

Camp Sason

Camper Kira

Weekend vibes

Cherry season

Everyone likes carbs.

Breakie has been served.

Because not every food picture is gorgeous, and the grub was gooooood.

To boat or not to boat, that is the question...

It's a rag tag bunch.


That's what they think.

Camper Cavan

I'm obsessed.

Camper Matt

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Posted on July 17, 2016 .