Lacoste: Federer Cup 2015 | Montreal

I had not planned on being in Montreal for the Roger Federer Cup, but when Lacoste asks you to go as their guest, you don't say no. Thus, comes my accidental pride weekend in Montreal.

While there was a ton of fun to be had in good ole Montreal, the main event was definitely the tennis. My rowdy group of editors and new friends was treated to a VIP experience at the Lacoste Box, and got to watch some serious tennis be played. 

The main match for our Quarter Final Friday night experience was watching Rafael Nadal get that much closer to the finals, and in typical Barrett fashion I had a great time just getting to know the amazing editors and fashion tastemakers on the trip with me. 

Lacoste totally did it up for us, and this was just day 1 of 3. More to come very soon!

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Posted on August 17, 2015 and filed under travel.