I Love Being Gay

Over the past two weekends I had a motto I never thought I would have said running through my head, ringing in my heart and being said aloud, “I LOVE BEING GAY!”

Growing up gay I experienced so much hatred, meanness, and a general feeling of being misunderstood, especially because I didn’t know I was gay, or straight for that matter. I was simply just being me.

Watching the SCOTUS declare that Gay Marriage will forever be legal in all of the U.S. during the weekend of NYC Pride was a historic moment that brought tears to my eyes because it meant that gay is becoming more and more okay, in terms of societal norms.

Dancing my heart out with friends and strangers for 3 days was like a dream, and all seemed to keep going as the 4th of July approached. Celebrating America’s birthday the weekend after all of this felt somewhat poetic, and even Mother Nature made sure we had sunny skies to enjoy it to the fullest here in NYC.

Escaping from NYC to Fire Island Pines was not something my “Gay Jew Pose” and I had not originally planned, but became an easy long weekend adventure. I had only been to Fire Island once before, and that was a year ago for the same holiday weekend. I had had fun, but after three days was ready to escape what felt like a never-ending party.

This year; however, I found the beauty in what started as a true escape for the LGBT theatre community. I bounded with old friends, made new friends, and saw a new side to myself. I found a cute guy to share some memorable moments with, watched the sunrise, and even took time to just be by myself, which is something I rarely do.

There was the epic Independance Party, which I had originally been hesitant to go to, but ended up loving more than I can explain. My friends and I watched the famous Drag Invasion from one of the best views thanks to an awesome friend, and I experienced so much hospitality that I will forever feel grateful for.

Through all the fun, new friends, and parties I even found time to listen to the ocean, meditate, and read my latest book, all things I have been craving to do for some time now, but have been lazy in executing. 

Overall, these past two weekends have left me on a feeling of up, hope, and excitement that I didn't realize needed reenergizing. But more than anything what these past two weekends reminded me more of than anything is that I truly love being gay, and that for all the wishing to be straight while growing up, I’ve been given such a gift of freedom, love, tolerance, acceptance, and so much more that I would never wish away, or change for anything or anyone.

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Posted on July 10, 2015 .