Day 19: Pay It Forward

Give. It feeds the soul.

We often forget how much we truly have, and as we’ve been trucking through the challenges, I think it’s safe to say, we’ve all begun to realize how much we have spiritually, mentally, and physically. 

It’s awesome. 

We’ve created these lives, and we’re going to continue to make them better. However, we must remember that in times we have also taken. Taken energy, taken time, taken emotions, taken money, and taken many other things because someone in our lives wanted to give to us.

Now we pay it forward, and give. 


For the next 11 days, in some way, you have to give to someone.

Giving comes in all different forms, and as we learned yesterday, without expectations. We give because we want to. We know that ultimately giving to someone else is also giving to ourselves because we are a part of the greater good.


  • Give a homeless guy on the street $5. It may feel like no money at all, or a lot of money, but I promise to this guy it will feel grander than you realize.
  • Give your time to a soup kitchen, and positively interact with the people who are just excited for a warm meal.
  • Give your old clothes to a homeless shelter. What you probably don’t wear anymore will become someone’s favorite thing.

Just give in some way.

After hiking 770 miles on the PCT, and experiencing the amazing kindness from strangers that I did, I definitely was reminded that we could all give a little more. Additionally being in a position that required me to ask for a things I take for granted, like clean water, was humbling, and reminded me that you never know where life will take you.

Giving brings it back to the basics. It connects us with another human in a fundamentally deep way, and allows our lights to shine brighter.

I promise that if you actively take part in this specific challenge for the next 11 days, your life will become enriched, and things will not seem as big of a deal as they used to.

Give, and watch your life runneth over with joy. 

Posted on January 19, 2017 .