Day 17: Hug

Let’s hug it out.

A hug is a warm embrace, and just feels really good.

There’s nothing like seeing someone you love or care for deeply for the first time in a while, and giving them a big hug. When wrapped in the right person’s arms you can feel like you are home no matter where you actually are. 

Hugs are awesome!

And there are a ton of benefits that come from hugging. For example, embracing someone else creates a sense of physical well being and an idea overall closeness. Hugs can also help reduce stress, fight depression, boost your immune system, balance your nervous system, elevate your mood, increase empathy, and do a plethora of other amazing things physically and emotionally. 

So, today we hug.


Hug 3 people today. They can be close friends, family, coworkers, or complete strangers. Just make sure your hug is consensual. 

Really open up your arms, and ultimately your heart to three people today, and try to make this a challenge you do for the next 13 days.

I promise this will feel really good.


Walk up to one of your coworkers, who you feel is appropriate to hug, and just give them a hug.

Surprise attack your roommate with a really big hug, and say, “You’re awesome.”

Walk up to a stranger on the street, who looks like they may not be having the best day, and just ask if they’d like a hug. 

I’ve done all of these, and it’s totally changed people’s whole days. You’ll feel better about making someone else feel better, and the good vibes will continue to just flow.

Opening your arms to give a hug is literally opening yourself up to someone, and signifies that you are there for them. Hugs are free, kind, and just an awesome way to spread the love.

Posted on January 16, 2017 .