The Perfect Holiday Gift For Any Man + Giveaway

With the holidays literally right around the corner, I know that many of you are having a hard time finding the perfect premium, but cost-efficient gift for the guys in your life. Well, have no fear, Barrett’s here with the perfect gift idea!

Thus, I present to you the CONAIR Men's Super I-Stubble Trimmer. It’s the latest must-have tool when it comes to facial hair grooming. Men’s grooming has really taken off over the last few years, and I must say I’m super proud of all the men for stepping up their style game. 

It’s been a long overdue occurrence in my opinion.

As someone that prefers to have some facial hair, I can say that I’ve tried a lot of different grooming tools, and this one takes the cake. CONAIR has hit a total home run with their latest creation. It’s powered by lithium-ion technology, so it’s precision performance isn’t only reliable and cordless, but also works amazing at lower charge levels. 

Beyond changing the battery life game, the CONAIR Men's Super I-Stubble Trimmer has a hi-tech blue LED screen that shows the percentage of charge remaining. I can’t tell you how often I’ve been cut short while trimming my beard because my old trimmer would just die out of nowhere.  Not knowing how much battery life is left is now a thing of the past, so let’s keep it that way. You don’t want to be stuck walking around all day with a half trimmed beard because you were rushing, and your trimmer died. Trust me on this one.

Advanced blade technology, a rapid charging system, and being 100% water resistant package this bad boy up to be a true must have, and at around $79.99 on Amazon it’s an investment piece that won’t break the bank. 

Help the guys in your life put their best face forward, and surprise them with the perfect holiday gift from CONAIR. Whether it’s to keep a tight 5 o’clock shadow, or just maintain a tighter fuller beard, the CONAIR Men's Super I-Stubble Trimmer has got your guys covered, and will keep them looking fresh when it counts most.

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If you want to grab one right away head over now to, or click here: CONAIR Men's Super I-Stubble Trimmer to grab one just in time for the holidays.

It's fun to spread holiday cheer, and give a gift that is actually useful. Happy holidays everyone!

Posted on January 9, 2017 .