Losing My Virginity: Chicago Style

While it has been a while since I swiped my v-card, this was in fact my first time...in Chicago. 

For years I have heard amazing things about the Windy City, but never found a reason or excuse to visit. Well, this year a series of travels, and finding a really cheap ticket heading home from SF back to NYC, gave me enough reasons to take a long layover, 3 days to be exact.

What better place to lose my Chicago Deep-Dish-Style virginity than at The Virgin Hotel. This flagship hotel has all the amenities that one could hope for, is located perfectly downtown, and has already housed some really cool celebrities and events.

Walking in one can feel the iconic brand's presence with English flags, hues of red, and an air of sexiness all over.

The staff is super friendly, the rooms are mod with a modern flare, and style meets comfort in a truly effortless way. 

Vespa seats, a shower large enough to hold a party, and a bed more comfortable than a cloud made this stay truly feel luxurious and welcomed.

Feeling naughty like Austin Powers head to the "Shag-Pad" or venture your way to the super cool Speakeasy. Just don't get lost in the locker room showers!

Maybe your into mixing and mingling with singles. If thats the case Two Zero Three Cafe, or Miss Ricky's are sure to hit the spot. Both offer food and beverage that will crush any craving, and leave you feeling full in more ways than one.

Hosting stellar views, creative cocktails and an attractive audience the 26th Floor Rooftop Bar, aka Cerise, will complete any local or visitor's day in the most dreamy of ways.

I have to hand it to them, throwing in the towel never did feel so good than at The Virgin Chicago.

They say that you never forget your first time, and the saying holds true. Thank you Chicago, The Virgin Hotel, and all the amazing people I met for a truly memorable first time!

Click Here: THE VIRGIN HOTEL CHICAGO to book your stay now!

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Posted on June 3, 2015 .