Dear Mr. Trump, I'm Onto You

I’ve waited quite a while to say my two cents, and to be honest I think I’ve waited too long.

After seeing your response to a question about who your foreign policy advisors would be, it’s extremely apparent that you aren’t following along with what is truly going on in the world. Your answer is egomaniacal and completely abstract. You don’t use specifics, which simply states that you, sir, don’t have an answer.

We’ve all talked in circles, and you seem to be doing this a lot. This happens when you’re not properly educated on certain subjects, which I will get back to.

I’ve seen the clip where you state that you would run as a Republican, if you were to run for president, “because these people are dumb.”

I know your friendly with the Clintons. You went to Chelsea’s wedding.

I know you don’t believe most of the racists, sexists, prejudicial and anti-everyone-who-isn’t-white comments that you spew out.

You know how I know, your record proves it.

This whole thing is extreme.

Extreme is something you’ve always been a fan of. I mean you’re a Reality TV Star; you’re not a smart businessman anymore. You left that world when you entered into the Apprentice.

I won’t attack your hair, your skin color, the way you look, or who you’re married to. Although I’m sure a psychologist could all properly say what insecurities these play into, and how those play into your persona, psyche, and overall ego.

What I will attack is the racism, hate, and prejudices that you employ to win over the vote of many people, who do in fact feel as if they’ve been given the shaft, or are afraid of the “other.”

Maybe they have been given the shaft because they were poorly educated, which is something you’re not worried about fixing. Although you should be, because if by some crazy, backwards, and complete nightmare you are elected into office, your followers are going to start pointing their guns at you.

We all know you won’t try to build a wall, create a white supremacist country, or kick all the Muslims out. This is all literally illegal in our system, which we claim is a Democracy, but is actually an Oligarchy.

I know you know that “Black lives matter;” gays should be allowed to get married; all Muslims aren’t terrorists. You work in Hollywood.

These are facts that any educated person knows because they’ve had first-hand experiences with these people.

Educated people travel more, thus have interacted with all walks of life, and know that your type of ignorance won’t stimulate a positive change. Educated people understand that hate doesn’t bring people together the way love, cooperation, and togetherness does.

However, when your less educated followers catch on to you the way I have, they’re going to be PISSED. I mean look at the anger you bring out. Look at the pure hate you can create from mobs of people.

When walls aren’t built, people aren’t kicked out, and gays can still get married, whom do you think they’re going to be angry at?

You. You promised them these things.

These people, your voters, have turned on people they would’ve quietly hated within the confines of their own homes, ignorant communities, and segregated houses of worship; so why wouldn’t they turn on you.

I know you think this is fun, and I have other theories about why you’re running: make you relevant, richer, possibly even help Hillary win by being so fucking-bat-shit-nuts, but this is besides the point at this point because you are still dangerous.

Let me be clear, I still think that the majority of America and Americans will do the right thing and make sure you don’t end up in the Oval Office. Hell, if you do get elected, I wouldn’t be surprised if someone did shoot you, and we couldn’t solve it, we’ve had those Presidential deaths before. Conspiracy theories make me believe it would probably be the government, who would carry this out. Again, your own party doesn’t even like you.

What does scare me, bother me, and piss me the fuck off is that you have brought out the crazy in the crazies. You have brought out the fact that our country isn’t as educated as we should be, how majority of Americans don’t have passports, and that the “South” and “North” are still divided in many ways.

You’ve being playing a role, just as you play a role on your TV show. However this isn’t a fun contest anymore. This isn’t reality TV, this is REAL life.

You’ve conducted an amazing and very telling experiment that shows my generation how things like the Holocaust happened, which for me as a Jew, I take incredibly personal, and always couldn’t fathom. I now get it.

You’ve showed us how dictatorships still exist, and why communist countries like North Korea are still around. You’ve given truth to a sentiment that I started having when I started traveling abroad, which is that America isn’t doing it right. We aren’t the best country in the world, and we have a lot of things to fix.

If you do end up being the President, I know you will become so moderate, or possibly even the greatest flip from Republican to Democrat, which would be beyond interesting to see. However, I’d rather not take my chances.

If nothing else, we know our country is ready for change. The question now is, what kind?

Don’t stand behind hate, don’t bash Hillary because you #feeltheBern, and don’t bash Bernie because you’re #withher. Come together, have constructive conversations, and whatever you do, vote Democratic when the big day comes because even if it isn’t Mr. Drumf, the others are just as unfit to carry a country through the type of change we not only want, but need.

I guess all that’s left to say is #ImoverherewithHerfeelintheBern #Democrat #Democrac 

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Posted on March 17, 2016 .