How Full Is Your Love Tank?

Are you unknowingly driving on empty?


If you were driving, and saw that your gas level was about to hit empty, you’d find the nearest gas station and fill up. Depending on what kind of car you have, you’d pick a specific type of fuel: diesel, regular, premium, or ultra premium. You’d make sure that your car was full enough to make it comfortably to your destination and beyond, and go off on your way.

Your stomach starts to growl, you instantly understand you’re hungry. You, being a responsible and healthy adult, make sure that you recharge yourself with a meal. You pick from an array of options: fast food, junk, healthy, vegan, meat, etc. You make sure that any hunger pain dissipates and carry on with your day.

Your mind is sad, frustrated, unfocused, what do you do?

You heart feels lonely, heavy, unloved, what do you do?

We fuel our cars and our bodies, but we often forget that we need to fuel our minds and souls.

We overcompensate in other areas of our lives for the lack of fullness we feel within our hearts and our minds. Eating, shopping, drinking, sleeping around and countless other “fun” activates become unhealthy, and only mask our deeper problems when we don’t look deep within ourselves to find why we are holding onto bad patterns.

We often get stuck on an autopilot that leaves us completely drained at the end of every day, and refuse to recharge ourselves with the ultra premium fuel that our extremely expensive bodies need.

For some reason as humans majority of us take much better care of our things than ourselves. We see the affects of putting diesel in our luxury cars, and make sure to only use ultra premium, so that our car, a thing, doesn’t need to go back to the shop over and over.

While we feed our bodies, we constantly go for cheap and easy because it gets the job done, but chances are you’re treating yourself more like a broken down hoopty than the Ferrari you are.

And the hardest pill to swallow is that most of us aren’t even considering our minds and souls. These two more abstract things don’t have very concrete ways of being measured, so we often need to think of them in metaphorical terms.

But here is the thing, they’re equally as important to take care of, if not more, and need to be running at full more than any other thing in your life.

Happiness, love and an overall well-being feeling require time, care and relationships that make us feel uplifted.

So many of us today try to fill our love tanks with relationships that are unhealthy, work that just pays us, and activities that don’t bring us joy because it’s easier. We’ve gotten stuck in a false idea that quick, easy and cheap equate to the same type of results that hard work, dedication and spending good money do.

We must remember that for our love tank to even start to be filled up, we have to find a love that comes from within, a self-love that requires no one else’s influence, and a love that knows no boundaries.

Once we begin to take care of ourselves, only then can we find the relationships and external forces that will make our tank overflow with happiness.

Chances are if you don’t even understand the idea of a love tank than you aren’t honoring your body, mind and soul in the purest ways that they all need to be respected.

Fear not though, it truly is never too late to make real changes, and make your engine purr as if it is brand new.

Remember everyday there should be a reason for you to smile, so look deep within yourself, question everything, and push outside of your comfort zone to find your love tank at full.

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Posted on February 15, 2016 .