What's Love?

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What is it? What does it mean? How do we define it? How do we understand it?

Love is the single thing that connects all of us as human beings. It is the reason we fight. The reason we cry. The reason we smile. The reason we work, eat and create a life. We survive to live, but we live to love.

Love is such a fickle thing. A chemical reaction to someone’s actions towards you. A glimpse, a smile, a gaze caught at the perfect moment.

In an instance someone can go from being a complete stranger to someone you want around you all the time. Your heart and brain interconnecting, talking, feeling as one. An unfathomable fondness created through pheromones and a soul’s desire to share everything.

The saying, “You haven’t lived until you have loved,” is something I did not understand in the least bit until I felt love for the first time. Love changes your life, it changes your perceptions, it changes you.

Falling in love makes everything different.

You do not simply see, but rather you see beyond. Colors not only become brighter, but happier in such a magnetic way that you cannot help but to smile with the goofiest of grins.

You do not only hear, but rather hear more. Music is amplified in harmonious ways that sounds as if Venus, the goddess of love herself, is stroking her harp for you and only you. Sounds that once carried annoyance take on melodies that make you dance rather than walk.

You do not solely smell, bur rather breathe in beyond. Smells are seductively sharpened, and the scent of your love triggers synaptic connections that make your heart feel fuller than you ever could have imagined.

You do not purely taste, but rather perceive flavors as if a virgin to food. Your tongue becomes more sensitive to tastes, and everything is more lush and more exotic than cold water on the hottest of days.

You do not simply feel touch, but rather experience a tingling sensation that is otherworldly. To say that your skin takes on another level of sensitivity and eagerness to be felt does not do justice to the effects your love has on your sense of touch. A hug, a kiss, a caress all become gifts from the heavens that euphorically erupt one cell at a time in an explosion of pleasure.

Falling in love, staying in love and being in love take your brain on a journey of every emotion you could ever feel. You long for longings. You desire desires. You feel feelings. You constantly straddle a line between insane and sane, and you love every second of it in ways you cannot explain.

We become other versions of ourselves. Softer, gentler, easier. Words take on new meanings, our actions hold more weight, selfishness dissipates. You no longer think of just you, but of two.

To love with all your heart is to let go of everything that scares you. You are forced to face your insecurities, and allow yourself to be more naked than nudity permits. Vulnerable. Exposed. Bare. Open to love, but also open to the harshest of heartaches.

If you love correctly, which is never actually correct, than you have nowhere to hide. You give, you learn to take, you evolve, you change, you hold your dependence but become a creation that is symbiotic with ebb and flow.

When you experience love, you are giving into a metamorphosis of yourself forever. You will never be the same. You will never feel the same. You will never think the same all because love was gifted to you. A priceless, invaluable, precious piece of life.

If you are so lucky as to find yourself in love, remember that it is something to hold onto with all your might. You’ve been granted an experience beyond this world, beyond our knowledge, beyond human comprehension. Know you will never understand it. Know you will never be able to experience this specific love ever again. Know that all is not lost if you loose this love, but know that to have love is so incredibly special that you must never take it for granted.

Love is imperfect, love is unfair, love is ever changing, but that is the beauty of love.

Take chances, take risks, do things you thought you may never do, and beyond anything else, love with all of your heart for if you do the rewards will be far greater than any tangible riches you could ever imagine.

To love is to be, and to be is freedom. Find your freedom in the realm of love. 

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Posted on January 5, 2015 .