The Good Guy

Are you a good guy? Do you follow a moral code of respect and dignified maturity?

Are you proud of the person you have become?

Here's the guy that you should not be afraid to be, have your daughter date, or watch your brother marry. (And no I am not talking about myself. This is an idea, a practice, a ultimate version of yourself.)

Good guys cry. Good guys comb their hair. Good guys say thank you. And good guys have integrity.

A true good guy goes through his day recognizing his blessings in life and shows kindness to strangers. He takes time out of his day to notice the beauty in the simple and mundane. He loses two seconds out of his own day to help a woman with a stroller go down a flight of stairs. He asks the cashier, “How is your day?” with a smile. He acknowledges the janitor at work with a friendly, “Hello.”

He knows that by being his true self, a good guy, his day will only be better.

Gratitude and appreciation lead to an overall feeling of wholeness. A sense of true masculinity, rather than a façade of macho presents itself. A smile easily emerges because a light shines inside. 

A good guy doesn’t feel obligated to prove himself because his actions speak for themselves.

He stands for something more than himself. He not only roots for the underdog, but helps in the underdog’s success. He's a figure of example, straying from the pack to follow his own beliefs.

A good guy acknowledges his own faults. He shows emotions in public and expresses himself articulately with elegant language.  He thinks before he speaks and acts. He grasps his own luck, which is an accumulation of going after what he wants with one hundred percent effort.

A good guy values his body. He recognizes that this is his only vessel while here on earth.

A good guy knows that moderation is key. Yet, understands that allowing yourself to indulge is healthy. A good guy showers, dresses well, and grooms to present his best self. Hair products, lotions, and vitamins facilitate a preservation of himself.

He's not afraid to be the different, the black sheep, the lone.

He knows when he doesn't agree with something and holds firm. However, he also knows when to back down and compromise. He is open to others from all walks of life. He doesn’t judge because he knows everyone has a story to tell.

A good guy stands with his head held high. Hugs his friends hello and good bye. Says, "I love you" frequently and baste in the presence.

He is a gentleman with manners, dignity and grace.

Being a good guy isn't an idea or an ideal, it's a lifestyle consciously chosen with maturity and pride. A good guy knows he's a good guy, but never thinks about it because it's the only way he knows.

A good guy is more than.

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Happy travels, and may the odds be forever in your favor.

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Posted on July 29, 2014 .