Holding Yourself Accountable

In life you are your own boss. You have the power to make the change you want right now. You answer to no one except yourself.

Your choices are your choices. “Yes” verses “No.” Wrong from right.

We often use external forces to justify our means, but the truth is, you chose to do something. You put yourself in the position you are in. Good or bad. Reaping or sowing. Benefiting or neglecting.

I think it is a beautiful thing to think  and understand that everything will all work out in the end. To be blessed with your dreams transforming into reality. To have it all. In my opinion this is true, glorious, a desire we should all hold tightly onto.

Everything eventually unravels the way it is supposed to. However, one must be proactive and responsible. To believe that all the riches in the world are going to fall into your lap while you sit on your coach and eat junk food is insanity.

Every mogul, whether they have come from humble beginnings or the wildest of riches, has put in countless hours of hard work. Dedicated time pushing forces that felt like unmovable mountains. Persevering through obsolete obstacles. Swimming through quicksand.

We all have that moment in life, when we question it all. Why? Why is my life like this? Why me?

The truth is, you manifested your life, your existence, your being into what it is. You curated it to be this subjective piece of art. You directed this documentary.

You don’t like your job? Look for another one. Quit. Do something to change it.

You don't have enough money? Stop wasting the money you have on unnecessary commodities. Get a second job. Create a budget.

You don’t like your body? Stop eating crap. Get your butt to the gym. Push harder and longer at the gym.

You aren’t finding the right man or woman? Stop dating people that you know aren’t right for you. Stop wasting your time and theirs. Stop going after the same “type.”

Try something new. It’s scary beyond belief. Horrifying, yet insanely invigorating. Adrenaline is released. What was once unimaginable becomes something beyond doable.

Saying "yes" to new things is of paramount importance. Openness is key. 

If you want something, go and get it. Imagine it. Work hard for it. Find new solutions to old problems. At some point everything you have was impossible to dream up.

It is hard to call yourself out, but when you do, you realize how much you’re holding yourself back. You can be your biggest confidant or greatest enemy. The decision is yours.


Stop beating yourself up. Calmly access your options. Begin your evolution into a grander you.

Nothing happens instantly. Over night successes are actually years in the making.

We all have the power to surprise ourselves. Give that gift to yourself. The wonders of the world are yours to unveil.

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Posted on May 2, 2014 .