It is truly everything.


By changing just a few seconds everything could be completely different.  You could be in a different city, have different friends, be in or out of a relationship.

Its wildly fascinating to think how simple choices we make, or do not make, can affect so many other facets of our life that may seem completely disjointed from one another. We miss one opportunity, yet get to experience another. We lose time doing one thing, so that we can enjoy something else.

Choices. Decisions. Weighing options.

Our time here on this planet is very short in the grand scheme of the universe.  We are constantly subjected to a test of our own time. How we decide to use it. What we decide to do. Who we decide to do it with.

It is a precious commodity that will continue to run out whether you consciously use it or not.

We as people aren’t taught the concept of timing. It is something we are forced to learn. Experiencing the true differences between managing it properly and not. Finding out the truths behind allowing things to run their course, yet maintaining an open and readiness for what is to come.

Understanding that things happen when they are meant to is something that is hard to hold onto. We crave speed, immediacy, quickness. Allowing nature to run its course can feel so overwhelming. It becomes a battle of self-control and patience. Frustration and confusion. Want and actual need.

I have had an incredibly hard time learning about time. Grasping that there is a bigger goal, a greater idea, an ultimate. However, as I give in to the uncontrollable a greater sense of control occurs. A mature knowledge that it will work out, possibly how you hoped, but more often than not, in a much different way.

We meet people at certain times in our life to teach us things. We go through specific events in our life to learn. We are blessed with life lessons at times we may not understand until farther down our own journey.

A conscious look back sheds light.

Understand that this is your beautiful book of breaths to write. For each moment that hasn’t gone according to plan, you’ve been given the gift for something even greater to arise. Be proactive, positive and poised for what is to come.

A minute now doing something you love, or hate could change the next hour, year, or life you live.

Use your time wisely, and understand the exquisiteness of it all. For in the end will you look back and say you lived, or you simply existed?

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Posted on April 28, 2014 .