A combination of gay and famous. Pronounced gay-mous. I suppose it’s glamorous or glaymorous.

A new phenomenon that has been created due to the intensely high use of social media. A voyeuristic look into these fine gentlemen’s lives, and a wave of gay men are experiencing a type of celebrity that has yet to be understood and developed.

I say this word with a huge grain of salt. An understanding eye-roll. The comprehension that this is just my observation.

Overall, it is super interesting and fascinating to watch this new phenomenon take place. It has created a true open outlet for a range of messages, and ideas to be seen and heard, recognized and voiced, displayed and executed. We no longer are confined to those around us; we are able to connect so intimately and quickly with people from around the globe. See farther, grander, bigger.

I do not qualify myself into this category of “gaymous.” I have had unique and weird experiences.  Showing up to a party in Sweden and be asked to take a picture with someone I’ve never met, or walking up to a table at my past bar job to find the customers looking at my Instagram has thrown me. I suppose, it is because I truly am normal. Another human enveloped in the adventure of life.

I have seen friends become internationally known “figures” simply because they are beautiful. Some have used their platform to capitalize on their notoriety, raise money for charities and send positive messages to the LGBT community as a whole. While others have just enjoyed the mass attention they receive because of their aesthetics.

Gaymous was a word I playfully created, but may be something much more. It is how these social media “celebrities” use their platforms that will continue to shape the LGBT community, and what could ultimately help us progress, or stand stagnant as a whole.

The future is ours for the taking. Let us show the world that while we may be an attractive community, by stereotypes and actualities, we are also an intelligent, hard-working and powerful group of men, women and gender non-conformers. 

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Posted on March 23, 2014 .