Day 1 Of The Future

Déjà vu. When you know you’ve experienced something before. Apparently, it is a miss connection of synapses, a lost connection creating a quick malfunction.


I know I have had this experience before. I am walking down the stairs of MADE Fashion Week. I am behind the scenes. I remember this dream. It was an actual dream, one in which I awoke thinking how bizarre. I am in that dream.

Black is everywhere and the Hunger Games garb is slowly metastasizing into real life. Funky hair colors, weird spikes and fashion that is not fashion surround the white walls, acting as a perfect backdrop for personal expression, moving art. Some pieces deserve a second look, others are screaming ‘look at me’. Be forewarn, your eyes won’t forget what they have just seen.

The actual fashion feels fresh and nostalgic. New mixed with old. Odd juxtaposed against intriguing. I question some choices, but I champion the risk, the thought, the idea of something different. There has been some hits, some misses but overall; it’s fashion.

photo 1.JPG

I have all access. I am meant to be amongst the VIPs, the celebrity, the ever-present style creators, innovators and tastemakers. I recognize known names and some recognize me. Through a long chain I can figure out exactly how I got here, to be honest it was not that difficult, but for some reason it still feels slightly bizarre.

A mere five months back into New York City, I have picked up much more than where I left off. Moving and shaking, hustling and bustling, living the New York life. It feels appropriate. It is just day one of MADE Fall 2014 Fashion Week and talking with Costello and Tagliapieta I realize this is just the beginning of an epic week.

photo 2.PNG

If the walls could talk, they would have an opinion, an attitude and they in fact do. Welcome to the future. Later Babes.

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Posted on February 6, 2014 .