Why I Write


I want to inspire a revolution.

I want to start a change. I want to be the different. Be the example. Show its ok to express. To allow a flow of emotions. Not be afraid to be open and honest. Ignite a new trend of personal deepness expressed in a large arena. Stop the self-sabotage of holding it in. End the compartmentalizing. Breathe in a new life.

As I carefully craft each vignette, I journey to my soul’s core, and speak from my primal deepest heart’s song. It’s scary to be so naked. To be vulnerable. To present your core. Yet, I choose to do so in the hopes that something I express resonates with someone somewhere. If I am able to have something intimately speak to just one person anywhere in the world than I feel my goal has been achieved.

It is quite clear I am exploring. Figuring it out. Finding my way. Venturing into the unknown.

I’d like to think that the way I express myself is somewhat different, special, unique. If not, no biggie, but I write to remind myself of the beauty that exist in every moment that we experience, good or bad.

I never want my vignettes to be looked at as some “pity-party,” and that is why I close each piece with a positive thought. A genuine notion that tips the scale of ups and downs in favor of the ups. I do want my glass to runneth over.

Giving into the greatness allows you to be great, or at least better.

Why not ride that wave of positivity? Life and its magic feels so much freer while surfing that wave. Besides you’re only other option is to suffocate and drown in negativity. How boring, dismal, uneventful.

I want to give you the courage to display your own true colors. To not be afraid anymore. To say how you truly feel. For when your life is honest and free nothing stands in your way. Conquering isn’t necessary. Complacency doesn’t exist. Freedom of self reigns supreme.

I want to inspire a revolution. Will you join my Renaissance?

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Posted on February 20, 2014 .