And putting a ribbon on it.

Finishing off…your year with some Christmas reflection and New Year preparation.

While Christmas may be fundamentally a Christian holiday, it has become a universal holiday that reminds us to enjoy our loved ones, be thankful for what we have, and have peace in our hearts and joy in our minds.  Whether or not you go to church, sit at home with your family, eat Chinese food and watch a movie, or have to work today, we all have time to reflect on the past year.

Find your thanks. Give them. Showing how grateful you are means more than any material thing you could ever give. 

Be present. Baste in your blessings. Being fully in the moment means more than any photograph ever will.

Journey through your growths. Understand that you are not the same person you were at the beginning of this year and that is a beautiful thing no matter what.

You have lived. You have learned. You have loved. You have made progress in your life in someway.  Be proud. Be confident. Be you.

Ending a year should make you feel something. Bring some sort of movement inside. Your heart should beat a little faster. Breathe that in. That is you acknowledging yourself, your emotions, your feelings, your all.

Lastly, congratulations! That was a hard year. Tears were shed. Hardships happened. Things took wrong turns and at moments you questioned it all. Life hit hard.

But you overcame. You did things you did not think you could do. You achieved.

You existed in some of the most luscious moments that one human could ever dream of. You lived someone’s dream somewhere.

When you recognize the good in your life, you begin to understand how privileged a lot of us are. Sure, life hasn’t been perfect, but perfect isn’t real. Real has been your life.  Full of things that you have always wanted and things you didn’t know you wanted, but were lucky enough to get.

Thankful. Gracious. Grateful. Blessed.

Ground yourself in these words as you venture into the new year. You will be surprised how 2014 will go if you meditate on these ideas.

Live in your love. It is the greatest thing you’ll ever experience. 

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Posted on January 31, 2014 .